The Best VPN for Mac.

Secure your internet connection and privacy.

Secured connection


Enjoy complete security, even on public wifi connections. Prevent hackers stealing your personal passwords, bank account and credit card details. Keep your internet data safe while it's in transit.

Increased privacy


Safeguard your personal information and mask you physical location while online. Protect your data from snooping by your internet service provider and government agencies.

Unrestricted Internet


Unrestricted and unlimited access to all your favorite sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter from anywhere. Prevent websites you visit targeting you with manipulative prices and messages.

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The Best VPN for Mac

Keep your privacy and data secure while connected to the internet using the best VPN for Mac.

Connect to VPN servers around the world and be able to browse privately, stream media, download freely, and mask your IP all with the greatest VPN for your mac, MacSentry VPN. MacSentry VPN keeps your connection secure, encrypted, and private whenever you connect to the internet.

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Easy and Secure

With our proprietary software setup is a breeze.

Network Lock

Our built-in Network Lock will protect you from data leaks while reconnecting (Mac Only)

Application Kill Switch

Kill any applications you want when you disconnect from the VPN

Unlimited Speed

No speed throttling or restrictions

Unlimited Bandwidth

No bandwidth restrictions so you can use your internet freely

Unlimited Server Switches

Connect to whichever server you want, whenever you want


Support for all the major protocols

Strong Encryption

Upto AES-256 with up to 4096bit Handshake encryption

24/7 Email Support

We're always here with 24/7 in-house support

6 Concurrent Devices

Protect all your devices with one subscription

Support for P2P

Get unrestricted P2P traffic

No Logging

What you do online is your business, and nobody elses

Global Locations

Servers in Countries all around the world

14 day money back guarantee

No questions, no fuss, no fine-print, just pure Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

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MacSentry VPN is great on Windows

Protect your privacy and internet connection on all your devices, regardless of OS. Our VPN software for Windows is just as easy to use and provides the same high grade service to keep you protected on your Windows PC.

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Global Locations







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Protect all your devices quickly and easily with MacSentry

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