What is a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network connection that creates secured connections to private networks at remote locations. 

By connecting to a VPN, you avoid unsecure public networks that could put your sensitive data at risk. For example, if you are at a coffee shop, a supermarket or any place outside your home and you are forced to access a public Wi-Fi network and you need to check your bank account on your phone you have to login using your credentials, like for instance your private password. As soon as you type your username and password in your banking application then you have opened the Internet’s Pandora’s box without you even realizing it. The moment you join the unsecured public network you put your entire privacy at risk.

That’s where virtual private networks step in and secure your browsing sessions. A VPN creates a secure communication tunnel between any devices on the Internet and encrypts your data and provides you with a secured connection to private networks in order to protect your online activity and your identity. VPN’s connects you to a server run by your VPN provider therefore your internet service provider can no longer know what you get up to when browsing the internet. You also appear to access the Internet from the IP address of the VPN server and anyone monitoring your activity can only trace it back to that server. Therefore, no one can see your true IP address.

Using a VPN is becoming increasingly popular due to the realization of how important privacy is and how easily it can be breached. It only makes sense to want to surf the web anonymously and secure your browsing sessions.

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