Benefits of a VPN

Security is one of the main reasons most companies and individuals choose to register with a VPN company. VPNs secure your network and protect your sensitive data on the web. When using a VPN you replace your IP address with an IP given by your VPN service provider therefore you may appear to be, for example, in Amsterdam even though in reality you are in London. Anyone who wants to track you will only be able to trace your connection back to the VPN server and not back to your actual location. 

Not even your Internet service provided is able to see your data or the websites you visit because this information is encrypted. When surfing the web privately you avoid being bombarded with ads related with websites you visit. Why would anyone want his online activity monitored anyway?

VPNs offer unrestricted and unlimited access to websites like Facebook and YouTube from anywhere. So, restricting limitations that sometimes occur especially in the working environment no longer apply when you are logged in with your VPN.

Compared to the advantages you have when you register with a VPN company, the registration fee you pay is relatively negligible. You can now enjoy browsing the Internet securely. MacSentry offers VPN quarterly and annual subscription packages that can save you even more money. The only thing you need to is sign up.