How to Setup VPN on PowerPC Mac

This article will walk you through the process of how to setup a VPN on a PowerPC Mac running OSX Snow Leopard or older.

  1. Click the Apple Logo in the upper left of your Macs menu bar and go System Preferences -> Network
  2. Click + on the bottom left and enter the following Interface : VPN VPN Type : IKEv2 Service Name : MacSentry
  3. Click "Create"
  4. In the new window enter the following :

    Server Address : (the VPN server you wish to connect to eg:
    Remote ID :
    Local ID : local

  5. Click Authentication Settings. Make sure "Authentication Settings" is set to Username and enter your username and password.
  6. Click OK
  7. On the bottom check the box "Show VPN status in menu bar"
  8. Click Apply. Then click Connect.

 On the top right of your Macs menu bar you will notice a new icon, use that new icon to connect / disconnect from the VPN.

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