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Court favours DreamHost with ruling in regards to overreaching request from DoJ


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DreamHost in Washington

On the 24th of August, a US court ruled in favour of DreamHost after the website hosting company made public the overreaching information requests from the Department of Justice.

The judge felt that the information request from the Department of Justice was too wide a net too cast and instead narrowed the request to just a small subset of information.

This whole ordeal started on the 17th of July 2017 when the Department of Justice served DreamHost a warrant to give over the information pertaining to everyone that visited the website, a website designed to organise protesters against the inauguration of Donald Trump.

This warrant required data to be handed over such as the owners of the websites details and the 1.3 million IP addresses that visited the website.

DreamHost, in a statement after the ruling, felt that it was a good first step but that the ruling wasn’t entirely pleasing. DreamHost are in fact considering an appeal as they feel the data that has to be given over is still way too large a subset to be comfortable with.

DreamHost said on their blog:

“We are considering an appeal which would deny the government the ability to access that data temporarily and potentially forever if our appeal is found to have merit.”

This ruling gives DreamHost time to think over the idea to appeal the decision as the Department of Justice do not get their hands on the info immediately.

In a statement to Gizmodo, Chris Ghazarian General Counsel for DreamHost, spoke of the support DreamHost has received throughout this altercation with the Department of Justice. He said:

“We’ve had so many organizations and people reach out to us and either support with their words or filing in court themselves or putting together supportive messages or other statements in support of DreamHost”

There is quite the movement now bubbling up from the publicity this case has received, with companies with similar requests now deciding to follow in DreamHosts footsteps, the Department of Justice may find they have a fight on their hands.