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Server Uptime Reporting

  Sun, 30th of July 2017

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We here at MacSentry think it is important that we are as transparent as possible, as such we have added a brand-new server uptime page which is maintained by Uptime Robot. 

What this uptime tracker allows you to do is to see the total uptime over the last 30 days from all of our servers. The tracker shows a green, red, or black circle to indicate if it is up, down, or paused. This means you can just quickly glance and see if a server is up. Next to that is the overall percentage of the uptime over the course of the week, and next to that is the name of the server. 

You can access it from the VPN server page on our website, or directly from this link.

We think it is important that this information is available to our users, so we made sure to display all of the information in a well laid out manner, that anyone can glance at without having to spend an age navigating to figure out what they want to know.