About Us

MacSentry was founded in 2016 and incorporated in Belize as Sentry Tech Ltd by a group of internet professionals and Mac users with one simple goal, to provide the best solution to protect your privacy and help maintain your Mac.

Censorship is another important issue for MacSentry, we feel it is important that everyone have a free internet, no matter where you live. To be restricted from some of the most popular services on Earth due to politics you have no say over is unfair, and we take pride in being able to provide a service for people that are having their online freedom repressed. 

We want to provide the best VPN option for Mac users and make your experience as simple and effective as possible. We want to keep you safe and secure whilst you are online, and as anonymous as you want to be. We want anyone to be able to take full advantage of the internet no matter where they live and we will continue to provide a service that does just that. 

We take your privacy seriously and are constantly working on improving our security options and privacy tools to give our users peace of mind. 


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